Formally entering the fashion world in 2018, Heather Horror got her start as a freelancer helping fabricate costumes largely for celebrity personalities. Now, she has launched her own personal brand, Deathstetics.

Deathstetics is a luxury latex and oddities brand inspired by Victorian fashion with a twist of darkness, handmade in Los Angeles. 

Latex is vegan and ULTRA form-fitting. If properly cared for, these garments will last a lifetime. 

Founder Heather Horror strives to achieve the aesthetic of “necrophiliac at a funeral” for her own designer collection, but we embrace any aesthetic you wish to achieve with our option to fully customize garments for your vision. Designed for any occasion, our decadent drapings can be worn anywhere: from the club to your music video shoot and more. 

Our mission is to give a wicked edge and immortal confidence to diverse bodies from diverse lifestyles.