Your garments will arrive to you with a light talc coating, this is for the protection of the latex while in transit. For handling your latex after receiving, please refer to the steps below.

Latex is to be hand washed only. Fill a sink or tub with lukewarm water and some mild soap. Swish the latex around well to clean all powder and residue. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap is left on your garment.

Hang to dry on a plastic or wooden hanger. Be sure your latex is completely dry before the polish or storing process. Air dry or fan only.

Do not use any kind of oil based lubricant as this will destroy your latex. Water based or silicone based only. There are several lubricants made specifically for latex garments, beGLOSS or Vivishine are our favorites. Apply polish with a lint free cloth for best results.

After washing your latex and it is completely dry, talc the inside and outside of the garment. Keep in a dark, cool, dry place - hanging in a wardrobe, on a plastic or wooden hanger in a black garment bag to avoid sun damage.

Always talc or polish the inside of the garment before putting on to ease in dressing. Forcing it without aid could cause the latex to rip.

Long or sharp fingernails can poke through and rip your latex, so please advise when dressing.

Keep away from metals as it can stain or damage light colored latex.

Keep away from heat and sunlight as it can damage your latex.

Do not use any kind of body oil, perfume/fragrance, hairspray, etc or alcohol based products when wearing latex as it will damage the garment.